Products compliant to obsolete versions of the standard

Changing the OpenMI Standard has major implications for both OpenMI developers and users. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make such changes backward compatible. Consequently, when a new OpenMI Standard is released, all model providers must upgrade their models to stay compliant with the latest OpenMI version. The pace at which this happens varies from model provider to model provider, since many model providers only make new releases of their software products on a six month or yearly basis. Hence, after an OpenMI Standard release it can often take a year before the bulk of compliant models are upgraded to the new version. This has implication for the OpenMI users, as they may find that the models they want to use for linked configurations are not compliant to the same OpenMI versions. For this reason, a very conservative release strategy for the OpenMI standard has been adopted.

The models listed below were compliant to OpenMI standard versions prior to version 1.4, and as such are no longer regarded as formally OpenMI compliant. However, some of them may have been migrated to 1.4 or 2.0 since, in which case the provider did not submit an xml-file with the compliance info.
So, if you are interested in using some of these models as OpenMI compliant component it may be worth contacting the software provider to check if there are any plans for upgrading.

More information on how to upgrade these older versions to version 1.4 can be found here.

Provider Compliant Models & Components .NET JAVA General description/ Compliance
Alterra Capri
x Agricultural policy impact model

x Bio-economic model

x Biophysical model

MetaSwap en Simgro
x Hydrological model
BAW GEI Wrapper x
Access to propriatary data for Delft 3D flow
CEH Classic x
Hydrological model
CRWR ArcHydro x
Hydrological model
Delft Hydraulics Software Delft3D x
2D/3D flow model
DHI software MIKE 11 x
Hydraulic model

Hydrological model

Urban drainage model
Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-RAS x
Hydraulic model
Utrecht University PCRaster x
Data interface component
Surface water transport model component

Mozart x
Unsaturated zone model component

Agricom x
Agricultural model

NwSim x
1D network model

DemNat x
Ecohydrological model

DistConn x
Water distribution rules component
Wallingford Software SULIS x
3D lake and estuary model
Schlumberger Water Services Visual Modflow x
Groundwater model
University of Liege PEGASE x
River quality model
University of Thessaly UTHBAL x
Hydrological model
Wastewater treatment model