Integration of OpenMI and web services accounting for uncertainty

Post date: Dec 27, 2011 4:55:15 PM

Dr. Dan Cornford and his colleagues from Aston University (Birmingham, UK) have successfully integrated the OpenMI interface (v1.4 Java) with the UncertWeb SOAP/WSDL web service interface, written by Richard Jones at Aston. This has been done in a fairly generic way. In addition to the basic wrapping of the OpenMI components they have integrated the composite service into an UncertWeb elicitation framework so that parameter uncertainty can be elicited. A simple Monte Carlo analysis is then run to propagate this uncertainty through the services.

The challenge will be now to test this setup with something more complex than the basic constants and sums from the SDK examples. Examples of intermediate complexity OpenMI compositions with some dynamic feedback between the models would be welcomed.

For further information, please contact Dan Cornford