New publications on OpenMI based work

Post date: Jun 9, 2013 1:24:50 PM

Olkeba Tolessa Leta, Narayan Kumar Shrestha, Bruno De Fraine, Ann Van Griensven and Willy Bauwens (2012). Integrated Water Quality Modeling of the River Zenne (Belgium) Using OPENMI, in: "Advances in Hydroinformatics, SIMHYDRO 2012 – New rontiers of Simulation" Chapter 22.

Narayan Kumar Shrestha, Olkeba Tolessa Leta, Bruno De Fraine, Tamara Garcia-Armisen, Nouho Koffi Ouattara, Pierre Servais, Ann van Griensven and Willy Bauwens (2013). Modelling Escherichia coli dynamics in the river Zenne (Belgium) using an OpenMI based integrated model. Journal of Hydroinformatics. In Press, Uncorrected Proof © IWA Publishing 2013 | doi:10.2166/hydro.2013.171;

Shrestha N.K.; Leta O.T.; De Fraine B.; van Griensven A.; Bauwens W. (2013). OpenMI based integrated sediment transport modelling of the river Zenne, Belgium. Environmental Modelling & Software, doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2013.05.004. Not yet available online.