News from the 2013 AGM - Ongoing OpenMI activities

Post date: Apr 19, 2013 2:27:05 PM

At the AGM the roundtable overview of recent and ongoing OpenMI applications was presented. More details are expected to be submitted by the respective members.

BGS (British Geological Survey) (UK) :

  • still working with HRW on Oxford composition (InfoWorks RS + ZOOMQ3D : surface water + groundwater) to examine how flooding occurs in the Oxford area
  • Thames composition (3 models : 2 groundwater + 1 surface water) : initial composition nearly ready
  • Matlab borehole model (radial-cartesian grid) made OpenMI compliant and linked to cartesian groundwatermodel such as ZOOM3D
  • waiting on the outcome of a Belmont Forum proposal which involves transcontinental cooperation.

Innovyze (UK) :

  • continue collaboration with HRW on FluidEarth2 development
  • move InfoWorks CS and RS to OpenMI 2.0

HR Wallingford (UK) :

  • Development of FluidEarth2
  • OpenMI 2.0 composition Beachplan (composition of different coastal and surface water sediment transport and morphologic models); publication for IAHR congress envisaged.
  • submitted paper (originating from ModelFusion Conference) for Geological Society Publishing House
  • development of dedicated GUI (Pyxis) for existing models to make them more accessible for integrated modelling. Pipistrelle can be used as a plug-in to Pyxis.
  • FP7 iWidget project (scenario-modelling) has been running for about 6 months. Optimisation of domestic watersupply.
  • DRIHM has been running for about 18 months. 1D flow model Mascaret is being wrapped and envisaged to be linked with hydrologic and flood models.


  • Development of strategy for integrated modelling
  • PURE experimental zone : integrated catastrophe modelling

Deltares (NL)

  • DeltaShell Framework is being made compliant to both OpenMI 1.4 and 2.0
  • Links between OpenMI and OpenDA (Java based Open Data Assimilation) are strengthening
  • ongoing developments on OpenStreams : small components for hydrological modelling
  • Interactive modelling using OpenMI (involving scenario and uncertainty analysis) presented on EGU


  • Added 2.0 components to already migrated components (Mike She, Mouse, Mike11 and Mike21 as research version).
  • FEFlow (groundwatermodel) made compliant
  • Proof of concept for linking Linux model with a Windows model (with no or minimal changes to the respective source codes)
  • OpenDA/OpenMI coupling (together with Deltares) focussing on MikeShe.
  • Linking Danish meteorological model (Linux based, HPC) with MikeShe : ongoing.
  • Linking MikeShe and FEFlow (full 3D coupling using the new OpenMI 2.0 adapters)
  • Assistance with various smaller projects at partner organisations (universities, ...)

Aquafin (BE)

  • Development for Aquafin by Danish consultant J. Gudbjerg of OpenMI based interface for Matlab Simulink Toolbox.

Cracow University of Technology / NT (PL)

  • initial ideas for Python implementation of OpenMI for open source (non Windows based) GIS Implementations