OA partners submit FP7 ENV proposal - WIDGET

Post date: Feb 23, 2012 4:18:49 PM

An OpenMI Association supported proposal ‘WIDGET’ has been submitted in response to the FP7 call ICT 2011.6.3 ICT for efficient water resources management. It is led by Exeter University and the partners include IBM and SAP. The focus of the proposal is on the use of SMART meters and DSS in the home. Other partners are:

  1. (Coordinator) University of Exeter UNEXE UK
  2. HR Wallingford HRW UK
  3. International Business Machines Corporation IBM Ireland
  4. Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil LNEC Portugal
  5. National Technical University of Athens NTUA Greece
  6. SAP AG SAP Germany
  7. Utility Partnership Limited UPL UK
  8. Water Utility 1 (AGS/Águas de Barcelos) AGS Portugal
  9. Water Utility 2 (Waterwise/Southern water) Waterwise UK