OpenMI Awards 2017 Winners Announced

The OpenMI Association is pleased to announce the winners of the OpenMI Awards 2017. These awards reward excellence in the use and development of the Open Modelling Interface standard. They focus on the contributions of individuals and groups in furthering the application and evolution of OpenMI. The three winning entries, in no particular order, are given below.

1. Model provenance tracking and inference for integrated environmental modelling.

Environmental Modelling & Software, Zhang, M., Yue, P., Wu, Z., Ziebelin, D. Wu, H. and C Zhang.

It was remarked by the judges that this paper "addresses the challenging topic of provenance tracking for integrated models, and how OpenMI can be extended to make this easier " and "Using a W3C standard … along with the interface that allows the user to interrogate the models for the fine-grained provenance ".

2. AquaCrop-OS: An open source version of FAO's crop water productivity model.

Agricultural Water Management, Foster, T., N. Brozović, A.P. Butler, C.M.U. Neale, D. Raes, P. Steduto, E. Fereres, T.C. Hsiao.

The judges concluded that this paper demonstrated a"nice example of using OpenMI in agriculture sciences; moving from hydrology to society" and "a really neat way of setting up a model code to be able to be made linkable easily".

3. Sustaining the Ogallala Aquifer: From the Wells to People, A Holistic CNH Model.

Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci, Aistrup, J.A., Bulatewicz, T., Kulcsar, L.J., Peterson J.M., Welch S.M. and D.R. Steward.

The judges commented that this paper was a "A really good, relevant case study done using integrated environmental modelling".