OpenMI Awards 2012 Winners Announced

Post date: Apr 24, 2013 10:48:00 AM

The OpenMI Association is pleased to announce the winners of the OpenMI Awards 2012. These awards reward excellence in the use and development of the Open Modelling Interface standard. They focus on the contributions of individuals and groups in furthering the application and evolution of OpenMI. The two winning entries are given below.

1. Integrating OpenMI and UncertWeb (Aston University)

The paper "Integrating OpenMI and UncertWeb: Managing Uncertainty in OpenMI Models" was presented at the iEMSs 2012 conference in Leipzig by Lucy Bastin of Aston University, Birmingham UK.

The paper is attached to the relevant news article, below. The authors may be contacted for further information.

2. FluidEarth2 (Paul Cleverley (HR Wallingford), David Kelly (HR Wallingford) and Adrian Harper (Innovyze))

Version 2 of the FluidEarth toolkit for OpenMI version 2.0 is now available.

FluidEarth is HR Wallingford’s implementation of the OpenMI standard, with the objective of making integrated environmental modelling easier and more flexible. This release of version 2 of the toolkit runs on Windows with .Net 4 with C# and FORTRAN and includes:

- An open source version of the Pipistrelle GUI and FluidEarth Software Development Kit (Pipistrelle_2_0_x86_RC1): ;

- A training website with videos and example models, starting at the beginning:

Information about FluidEarth and the above links are given on the FluidEarth portal (; anyone may request an ID to contribute to the community and raise discussion points and questions.

Adrian and Paul being presented with their award by Roger Moore