OpenMI Awards Results 2014

Post date: Jun 10, 2015 9:30:37 AM

The OpenMI Association has decided to give just one award for 2014. The OpenMI Awards recognise excellence in the use and development of the Open Modelling Interface standard. They focus on the contributions of individuals and groups in furthering the application and evolution of OpenMI. The winning entry is given as follows:

Mark Ridler (DHI, Univ. Copenhagen), Nils can Velzen (TU Delft, VORtech), Stef Hummel (Deltares), Inge Sandholt (Univ. Copenhagen), Anne Katrine Falk (DHI), Arnold Heemink (TU Delft), Henrik Madsen (DHI)

Data assimilation framework: Linking an open data assimilation library (OpenDA) to a widely adopted model interface (OpenMI)

This entry was praised for its potential to bring measurements and models together and moving OpenMI into new areas outside its traditional domain of model coupling. The award was sent to Mark Ridler as representative of the group. Congratulations to all.

Quillon Harpham

OpenMI Association Chairman and Awards organiser.