Report: International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling

Post date: Jan 4, 2013 7:48:37 PM

This report describes the International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling (IEM), held in Washington, DC 7th-9th December 2010. The meeting brought together 57 scientists and managers from leading US and European government and non-governmental organizations, universities and companies together with international organizations. The Summit build on previous meetings which have been convened over a number of years. The aim of the summit was to bring together two key groupings one being the US and the other Europe but with the intention of creating a community open to all. The workshop reviewed the current state of the art and concluded that there are a large number of activities and means to provide the technology for integrated modeling. Summit participants discussed what is needed to advance the science, technology and application of integrated environmental modeling worldwide. The common themes that emerged from the discussions included the need to provide accessible linkable components, address uncertainty in linked model systems, professionalize the development of integrated models, engage properly with stakeholders and develop a Community of Practice to aid the development and uptake of IEM.

Moore, R., A. Hughes, N. Gaber, G. Geller, P. Glynn, G. Laniak, A. Voinov, AND G. Whelan. International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R/12/728, 2012.

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