Newsletter #2 - June 15th 2008

OpenMI Association Newsletter #2 - June 15th 2008

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The OpenMI Association Newsletter

The OpenMI Association is the organisation responsible for the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Open Modelling Interface (OpenMI). OpenMI is a standard, which facilitates the linking of simulation models and model components of environmental and socio-economic processes. It thus enables managers to more fully understand and predict the likely impacts of their policies and programmes.

Visit the OpenMI Association web site at to learn which models are already OpenMI compliant, get help on OpenMI model migration, request new features, exchange opinions and provide feedback related to OpenMI implementations.


Message from the OpenMI Association Chair: The OpenMI Association Strategy

As organisations have begun to use the OpenMI in earnest, so a clear need for a written statement of the Association's strategy for taking the OpenMI forward has emerged. This document translates the aspirations in the Association's Charter into: •

vision of the role of modelling in relation to the integrated management of land and water

mission statement for the Association

strategy for achieving the mission



A future where integrated modelling is an accepted tool for resolving integrated management problems


To promote integrated modelling

To develop and support the OpenMI Standard

The OpenMI Association Strategy document is now available on

Successful General Annual Meeting 2008

EU-NSF Workshop on the OpenMI and integrated modelling

OpenMI model linking will be presented at the iEMSs 2008, on 7th-10th July, 2008.

The OpenMI Association will be hosting a session entitled "OpenMI applications and innovations" and a workshop entitled "Taking the OpenMI forward".

For more information, please see iEMSs 2008 Congress webpage.

Future Events

Members of the OpenMI Association Executive Committee

Left to Right: David Fortune, Jan Gregersen, Roger Moore, Peter Gijsbers, Michiel Blind, Ria Safiolea

On 13th March, 2008 at Deltares in Delft, The Netherlands, the OpenMI Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2008. It was attended by representatives from the member organizations and individual OpenMI Association members. Although this was not a dramatic event in itself, it nevertheless represented another significant milestone for the OpenMI Association. The most important event was the presentation of the Association's strategy for the development, support and promotion of the OpenMI. This will become the Executive Committee's guiding document. The remainder of the meeting was taken up with the formal reporting required under Dutch law. This is set out in the Association's Charter and elaborated in the Standing Orders. An Annual Report together with the Association's accounts were presented and accepted as were the Standing Orders. The Charter, Standing Orders and Strategy documents are now available at

Back row: Scot Peckham, Dave Tarboton, Jasmeet Judge, David Fortune, Larry Winter, Hazel Murphy, Roger Moore, Bert Jagers and Adrian Harper

Front row: Jon Goodall, Jay Famiglietti, Peter Gijsbers, Rick Hooper, Michael Butts and Peter Sinding

The US National Science Foundation recently funded seven US scientists to attend an OpenMI workshop hosted by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford Software, DHI and Deltares at Wallingford in the UK. Dr Rick Hooper, the President of CUAHSI led the US group which comprised scientists from the universities of California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, South Carolina and Utah and NCAR. The EU-NSF meeting discussion focused primarily on technical issues surrounding integrated modeling, such as linking models running on different platforms - .Net, Java, the high performance computing environment, etc. - and remote linking - linking models running on different machines. Major outcome of the meeting was a series of initiatives related to future research collaborations between the two continents. An equally important outcome was that the two teams got on together. It was a very lively week and that hopefully bodes well for a productive future

OpenMI Association Dissemination Committee Meeting

25 June 2008

Athens, Greece

International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software Integrating Sciences and Information Technology for Environmental Assessment and Decision Making

7-10 July 2008

Barcelona, Catalonia

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OpenWEB: Opening the door to integrated modelling

OpenMI Association Executive Committee Meeting

11 July 2008

Barcelona, Spain

OpenMI Association Technical Committee Meeting

8-10 September 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

A major focus for HR Wallingford in 2008 is the development of the OpenWEB software platform to stimulate the evolution of integrated modelling solutions. The project brings together academic and industrial partners to create collaboratively the next generation of integrated water environment models. The OpenWEB platform, built using the OpenMI standard, will feature facilities such as an evolving toolbox (that includes common data sets) and model validation cases (to facilitate the testing of newly developed model compositions). Streamline, HR Wallingford Annual Review (PDF)

What's new in the OpenMI version release?

On December 20th 2007, a new version of the OpenMI Standard and Software Development Kit (SDK) was released. The main purpose of the OpenMI Standard and SDK release was to solve incompatibility problems between models compliant to various OpenMI versions (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2). With effect from OpenMI version 1.4, the Standard was separated from the SDK and responsibility for the deployment of the SDK shifted to the model providers. This ensures that any component compliant to a specific OpenMI Standard version can be linked to another component compliant to the same OpenMI version regardless of which SDK version is used. In order to enable model providers to take control of the SDK, the OpenMI source license for the SDK was changed from LGPL to the new BSD license. The OpenMI 1.4 Standard release also includes a full Standard definition for Java. The documentation defining the OpenMI Standard was made more precise, with ambiguities being removed and rules for the implementation of each method in the standard interfaces being defined as in-code comments.

OpenMI Association Dissemination Committee Meeting

29 September 2008

CEH, United Kingdom

European Conference on FloodRisk Management Research into Practice

30 September - 2 October 2008

Oxford, United Kingdom

OpenMI Association Technical Committee Meeting

3-5 November 2008

Delft, The Netherlands

OpenMI-Life Scheldt Workshop, Training and Associated Meetings

24-28 November 2008

Antwerp, Belgium

UML Diagram of v. org.OpenMI.Standard interface specification - See fullsize diagram

To learn more about linking model components in OpenMI and developing components for OpenMI, visit the OpenMI Association website and the OpenMI Association Technical Committee working area at the OpenMI wiki.

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