There are various ways to contribute to the growth of the OpenMI community and to help the OpenMI become a world wide used standard for model linking. Your contribution may vary from simply making other people aware of what you are doing to helping develop the OpenMI standard and tools. And of course, you may also be interested in becoming an OpenMI Association member, a Committee member or even an Executive Committee member.

Submit your own news items or announcements

Website announcement

Making other people aware is the first step to growing a world wide community. If you have an OpenMI related news item or announcement that can be of interest to others, just send it to us and we will post the link on the home page. The full announcement including attached pictures or documents remains available on the 'Announcements' page (or in a later stage in the 'Archives' section).

The following rules apply :

  • Your announcement has to contain the following contact details (name, organisation (if applicable), e-mail address); these will be published on the website.
  • Announcements shall be in English.
  • Announcements are typically limited to about 1000 words;
  • Announcements may contain attached images (in an appropriate format and resolution) or documents (pdf).
  • The OpenMI Association Dissemination Committee reserves the right to reject or reduce, in consultation, the content of announcements which it thinks are inappropriate or nonconforming to the above stated rules.

All announcements may be considered for the OpenMI Awards, whether or not this was your intention.

Connect to our social media accounts

As an alternative to using our website announcements, you may prefer to follow us on our social media accounts. You may post your news on OpenMI's Linked-In or Facebook pages.

Submit your publications/courses/...

Another means to share news, experience and knowledge about the OpenMI is through

  • publications in journals, magazines, conference proceedings
  • academic courses and lectures

If you want others to be aware of your work, fill in and send back this form, and we will post it in our sections 'OpenMI around the world' or 'Learning more'. If the publication is free from copyrights, we are happy to post it in full; otherwise we will post the reference and if possible the abstract. Older publications may be stored in the 'Archives' section.

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Have your compliant products listed on our website

Submit your compliant model

A complete and up to date list of OpenMI compliant models and tools is extremely important to convince both practioners and researchers that OpenMI should be your first choice for integrated modelling.

We think that a lot of work has been taking place in the past years to migrate models, but that the outcome to the public is not in proportion to the effort made.

For this reason, we would strongly encourage you to send the XML information on your OpenMI compliant component to the OpenMI Association's Compliance Officer. Following his approval your product will then be added to the list in our section 'OpenMI around the world'. OA members who have had their product declared 'compliant' will receive the official 'OpenMI Compliant' logo which they can use for promotional purposes.

Share your own auxiliary tools

The OpenMI Association strongly encourages third party development of additional tools such as User Interfaces or Software Development Kits to enhance the migration of models and the use of compliant models on a variety of platforms and simulation environments. Whether you want to make them available under open source or as a proprietary product, is entirely your decision. But do let us know if you want them to be listed on our website.

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Become an OpenMI trainer

The OpenMI Association is looking for people or organisations who can provide OpenMI training for developers. If you have the necessary experience, and if you are interested in providing training services, let us know, and we can put a link to your own website on our 'Training' section.

As an OpenMI trainer, you are free to organise the details of your training sessions with potential candidates without interfering with the OpenMI Association, but we would appreciate if you give us feedback on your activities so that we can mention it in our Annual Reports. Of course you can announce your training on the OpenMI website.

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Contribute to the working of the Association and its Committees

Contribute to the Technical Committee

As the working area of the OpenMI Association Technical Committee is largely public, anybody can comment and provide ideas on the ongoing or planned developments.

If you are interested to contribute even more directly in the developments, you can apply for Technical Committee membership.

Contribute to the Dissemination Committee

By posting your news and OpenMI compliant models, you already contribute to the work of the Dissemination Committee. In addition to this you could become a member of the Dissemination Committee and contribute to the updating of the entire website.

Become an Association or Committee member

If you are interested in the work of the OpenMI Association and want to have a say in strategic decisions, you should apply for OpenMI Association membership. As an Association member, you will be invited to the Annual General Meeting (as well as any ad hoc General Meetings that might be called for), and you will have access to the OpenMI Association member section of the website.

As an OpenMI Association member, you can also stand for Executive Committee membership or other key positions in the Technical and Dissemination Committees. Executive Committee members are (re)elected at every Annual General Meeting.

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