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The OpenMI Association is an entirely open not-for-profit international group of organizations and people dedicated to taking the OpenMI (Open Modelling Interface) forward into the future. Its primary objectives are to develop, maintain and promote the OpenMI.

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    Submit your own news

  • OpenMI Awards 2015 The Annual OpenMI Awards are continuing into 2015. As usual it is easy to enter. The rules and entry instructions can be found here: OpenMI Awards or by clicking on ...
    Posted 10 Jun 2015, 02:36 by qkh@hrwallingford.co.uk
  • OpenMI Awards Results 2014 The OpenMI Association has decided to give just one award for 2014. The OpenMI Awards recognise excellence in the use and development of the Open Modelling Interface standard. They focus ...
    Posted 10 Jun 2015, 02:30 by qkh@hrwallingford.co.uk
  • OpenMI training at Deltares On Thursday 26 February 2015 at Deltares an internal OpenMI training was held. 19 participants learned about the basic concepts of OpenMI, the theoretical background of model coupling, OpenMI example ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2015, 03:07 by Michiel Blind
  • OpenMI 10th anniversary logo An OpenMI 10th anniversary logo has been developed for your use as appropriate. 
    Posted 31 Jan 2015, 12:48 by Michiel Blind
  • OpenMI Symposium 2014 30 participants from 9 countries attended the OpenMI Symposium on October 31st 2014 in Delft. Programme         Presentations
    Posted 19 Jan 2015, 10:34 by Michiel Blind
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